MooseBaby Family

John Garry – Head Moose, Jane Sayers – Head Moosette, Jackson Garry – Mini Moose, Louie Garry – Baby Moose

MooseBaby was born in 2006 after the Head Moose and I had our first child. We were keen to develop our own brand with a great range of quality, fun and functional products for busy parents and their children. At each stage we reach with our own boys we see a new product idea and we run with it. We test and use our products ourselves so we know what works.

We have been wholesaling and retailing our Amadeus range of products since our business began and we are delighted with how well the products suit New Zealand and Australian families. They are innovative, fun and above all safe for children (BPA-free and meet European and British Safety Standards). The range is made in the UK and the quality is first rate. Our cool cow cups are our best sellers and one of the most popular products with our boys.

Thanks for supporting our family-owned business. Our goal has always been to develop a business which allows us to spend plenty of time with our family. It is a cliché that children ‘grow up far too quickly’, but don’t they just!

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Head Moosette