Free! Wake Up Dry eBook

Free! Wake Up Dry eBook

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Information is power when it comes to bedwetting! For frustrated families coping with endless wet nights and daily piles of washing, we aim to help you with your child’s bedwetting dilemmas.

What’s included in our free e-book:
  • Facts about bedwetting
  • Bedwetting causes
  • The impact on family & self-esteem
  • Different bedwetting treatments (bedwetting alarms, counseling, medication, etc.)
  • A night-time checklist to help stop bedwetting
  • … and more!

Want to stop your child from wetting the bed?
Buy the Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm! It uses the latest technology and is our best selling bedwetting alarm. This wireless alarm will wake up your child the moment that moisture is detected.

Need more help?
If you have questions about bedwetting or need advice, please contact us!

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