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Wet Detective Bedwetting Alarm

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For bedwetting and Incontinence...

The Wet Detective, a newly-designed alarm specifically developed for:

  • Treating children who wet the bed at night
    (especially good for deep-sleepers as this alarm can be set loud)
  • People with special needs
  • Elderly people with continence issues
  • Continence Services (to loan or hire)
  • Hospitals, Homecare and Aged Care Providers

Designed by a Urologist

This alarm uses a waterproof sensor pad attached to a bedside alarm. The 2 pads provided are 86.36cm x 86.36cm and are made with very high quality poly/cotton quilted absorbent material with a waterproof backing. They are machine washable and waterproof. Special sensing wires are within pad to maximize urine detection. The pads are easy to position directly underneath the person or on top of a bed or chair.

How this alarm works with children:

Bedwetting alarms aim to help your child wake when recognizing the sensation to urinate. When the sensor pad is exposed to wetness (urine) the alarm makes a loud noise to wake your child. When beginning your child will wet and the alarm will sound. Your child (and you) will wake up and you will need to take him/her to the toilet to completely empty his/her bladder of any “left over” urine. Initially your child is likely to empty his bladder before reaching the toilet, but with practice this should improve.

Using the alarm for days or weeks and waking up just after wetting should eventually “condition” your child to wake up prior to wetting. Once your child establishes a consistent pattern of waking during the night prior to wetting then you will no longer need the alarm.


Useful & Unique features:

  • Two waterproof, washable (hospital-grade) sensor pads
  • Four alarm settings (including very loud setting for deep sleepers)
  • Flashing LED respond button
  • VERY easy set-up & use – full instructions provided
  • One year warranty
  • Purchase extra sensor pads here.


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Product works great, so far so good as the training goes. Only 3 accidents and now we haven't had an accident in two weeks.

The Wet Detective system vastly improved our lives. Instead of getting up every two hours to check on an incontinent patient, the caregivers and I were able to go into a deep sleep and still be called by the terrific alarm when there was a need.

I've had this about a month and the sensor works well. I got it for my daughter because she hated the clip-on alarm systems and found them uncomfortable. I like that there are two so you can wash one and have another to use.

Worked great for my 8 year old son. Alarm is loud and having the extra pad is the only way to survive. He is trained after approx. 3weeks with the system, use it every night don't give up!

I am happy with my recent Wet-Detective purchase. My child had no interest in using one of the clip on alarms, so I thought I would try this one. I cannot say enough good about how much this alarmed helped our child and family.


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