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Oblumi Tapp Thermometer

Oblumi Tapp Thermometer

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Connect Oblumi to your mobile phone for an instant digital infrared thermometer with a range of clever capabilities.

Oblumi takes an accurate temperature In just a few seconds
You can take your child’s temperature by placing it on her forehead or in her ear. Its infrared sensor is specially designed for medical use.

It calculates medicine dosage
Our Oblumi app automatically calculates medicine dosage for you in line with your doctor’s recommendations.

It registers all your data
It displays the temperature data history and medication taken, so that your child’s fever can be followed up correctly and the information passed to a medical professional.

It shares patients’ profiles
You can create as many patients as you need and share them with other family members or caregivers. The information will be automatically updated to all those who share the patient.

It sends and receives notifications
You can send automatic temperature or medication notifications to all contacts that you share the information with.

It configures alarms
Avoid problems and activate an alarm so that you never forget to take your child’s temperature or give medication.

As well as being compatible with the Apple and Android iOS systems, you can also access detailed information from any personal computer or tablet.  Our Oblumi Cloud synchronises the data between all devices.

It checks the temperature of liquids
How many times have you been worried that the baby’s bottle is too hot or the bath water is too cold? With Oblumi tapp you can take the temperature of any liquid with the same accuracy and speed.

Age: 4 months +

Compatibility: Oblumi Tapp works with any Apple Iphone with IOS 7 or higher or an Android 4.2 or higher

Contents: Oblumi Tapp, adaptable lid for forehead use, cleaning wipes, travel case, instructions

Sensor: high quality infrared, medical accuracy

Materials: high quality plastic approved for skin contact, RoHS Certified, CE Marking

Power & Battery: extremely low energy consumption that lasts for over 6,000 measurements


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Easy to set up. I had it ready to go in a few minutes. It's accurate and works perfectly.

Setting up is straight forward. Open the box, download the app and follow the instructions. It’s setup and ready to go in minutes.

I like the way it records and keeps all the temp history and reminds me of the next medication dose.

This is a really useful and convenient little device, much more convenient than traditional thermometers which my children squirm and wriggle to get away from!

I like this device. It is small and lightweight. It is easy to carry with you. It has lots of features and benefits.