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OK to Wake! Sleep Trainer Clock & Night Light

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OK to Wake! Sleep Trainer Clock & Night Light

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What would you give for more sleep on a Sunday morning?

Picture this…it’s 6am on a Sunday morning, and you’re in a lovely deep, peaceful sleep…. then suddenly a little voice yells in your ear, muuuuummmmm!!!!…your little darling jumps on your bed yelling for you to get up! Sound familiar?

Well, OK to Wake! clocks and night-lights were designed by a parent to solve this sleep-depriving problem! 

The OK to Wake! green light is a simple, visual indicator that informs toddlers when it’s time to get up. Children quickly learn to go back to sleep or play quietly in their room until “green means go!”


Here’s why it works: Toddlers enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing a job well done, and OK to Wake! is something that can be completed successfully every day and is positively reinforced by the greatest reward of all—coming to see mum and dad!

OK to Wake! is a simple to use, bedside alarm clock, nap timer and dual-colour night-light. Two fun faceplates and wacky animations give OK to Wake! a personality of its own. Fully battery operated with features designed to grow with your child.

How it works: set the OK to Wake! for a time when you are happy for your toddler to get up in the morning. The soft yellow night light turns green when it's OK to wake mum and dad.


  • Programmable night-light turns green when it's OK to wake.
  • Soft yellow night-light (auto turn-off 30-60 min's)
  • Alarm Clock with snooze.
  • Nap timer.
  • Hidden parental control.
  • Includes both green bug and purple flower faceplates.
  • Press toe for fun animations.


Powered: USB cord with battery backup (4 x AA batteries - not included). Batteries optional.

Age: teach me when it's OK to Wake ages 3-5 and Teach me to use an alarm clock ages 5+.


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Worth every cent. Seriously this product has saved my life. I'm pregnant and exhausted looking after my 2 year old. He kept waking me at 5.30 every morning. He got this clock straight away. Love it! - Jan

Jess would come into my room every morning somewhere between 5 and 6am. I would take her back to bed and often couldn't get back to sleep. She now waits for her clock to shine before she wakes me. So much better! - Abby

This clock is giving us more sleep. It does exactly what it's meant to do. Simple for our 3 year old to understand and he loves it. Brilliant product! - Tom

My 2 year old absolutely loves his clock. He gets excited when it turns green in the morning. He also loves that he can turn on the yellow nightlight feature for himself when he wants to. He loves that he can press a button and the little eyes dance around. I love that the adjustment buttons are in a "hidden" compartment that he doesn't mess with yet. - Karen

Awesome product. Working beautifully with our 3 year old. Thanks a heap. Quick service too. - Annie