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Choosing the right bedwetting alarm

Which one is right for my child?

At first nocturnal enuresis (best known as bedwetting) sounds like a disease, but it’s not. Even so, in some children it can cause serious embarrassment and poor self-esteem.

What is it?

Nocturnal enuresis, in layman’s terms, is bedwetting. If you have a child over the age of six who is wetting the bed, you may have tried everything and now you are wondering if there is any help. There is, and it’s called a bedwetting alarm.

What is a bedwetting alarm?

One of the main causes of bed wetting in children is a combination of deep sleeping patterns and over production of urine.

Making use of the best bedwetting alarms can help teach a child’s body to better respond to a full bladder, as well as help break the deep sleep cycles that are typical of this behaviour. 

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