About Us

Hi there, welcome to our story. 

Jane & John here and we're MOOSE. We're a husband and wife team with two busy teenage boys.

Where did it all begin? Well, with a baby of course! We welcomed the arrival of our first kiddo in 2007. As he grew and we dealt with the many challenges that come with ages and stages of children, and searching for products to solve our parenting problems, we discovered a gap in the market for products that could be bought overseas but not locally.

And so Moose began with the introduction of our first distribution product - the UK ‘Cow Cup’.

While our first-born toddler was a ‘runner’, we needed to find a product to secure him - especially while travelling! And so began the first production line of our MooseNoose which is now sold all over the world.

We love being able to work together in our home office and also have the freedom to travel the world with our boys and for our business.

By keeping all aspects of business operations ‘under our wing’ we remain genuinely accessible and contactable by our customers and we enjoy the personal contact that brings on a daily basis.

Our business aims to help families through products that are ‘true, tried and tested’ - solving everything from bedwetting and sleep to health and safety.

Our Moose brand is distributed via our own online presence and also through nationwide selected stores.

We're also a distributor for other international brands including:

  • Little Luca Can Do Cup
  • Potty MD
  • Rodger
  • Wet Stop
  • Wobl

Thanks for reading our blurb and if you have any questions, give us call.

Happy shopping folks.

Jane (Head Moosette) & John (Head Moose)

Tel: +64211905564