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About Us

Hi, welcome to MOOSE. 

I’m Jane and my other half is John. We are a husband and wife team with two busy boys. We work together every day. We know, not all couples can work together in bliss and harmony, but somehow we manage it just fine (well, most of the time!). Actually, prior to setting up MOOSE, we would dream of a life where we lived in the country, leisurely walked our boys to school each morning and grabbed a coffee on the walk home before starting work. That pretty much sums up where we’ve ended up. How very lucky we are! But please don’t think we take it for granted. We do work very hard and love what we do.

Wholesale and distribution are what we love. John gets a kick out of sourcing new products and beavering away to make the finances work. I love the practical stuff like filling boxes with products and answering your enquiries.

How do we select the products we sell? Well, we are a picky couple. We spend endless hours doing our research, testing our products (over and over), pulling them apart, putting them back together, ‘road-testing’ them again and crunching the numbers. We only sell what we believe in and love.

Some products, like our MooseNoose Toddler Safety Harness, we design ourselves and that’s lots of fun…it’s a challenge working with factories, language barriers and different cultures, but that’s all part of the fun. Other products we source from all over the world. You’ll notice we also specialise in products from a few niche areas. Being different from everyone else and offering something specialised is important to us.

Well, that’s enough of us. Take a look at our site, go shopping, visit our Facebook page …I’ll be happily packing boxes in our store room, while my other half crunches his numbers.

Jane (Head Moosette) & John (Head Moose)