14 Self-Care Winter Tips for Parents


1. Early to bed

Aim to go to bed at the same time & wake up at the same time


2. Hydrate!

Drink 8 glasses of water per day


3. Food Glorious Food

Make vege soup with winter root vegetables, get the slow cooker out & make some hearty stews & curries


4. No excuse exercise

Even if it’s raining, wrap yourself & babies up & pound the pavement


5. Let in the fresh air

Although the air is crisper, don’t forget to ventilate your home daily & let the fresh air in & the bad bugs out


6. Make a plan

On a cold day sometimes it seems easier to stay at home, but make a plan & hit the park, swings, indoor pool or library


7. Turn on the tunes

Play your fav dance tunes or calm yourself (& the kiddos) with some soft beats


8. “Oooohhhmm”

It’s amazing how good you’ll feel after 20 minutes of yoga, meditation or stretching


9. Get in hot water

Run yourself a hot bath with bubbles or jump in a hot shower


10. Declutter!

Get your little ones to ‘help’ you declutter the play area, bedrooms or kitchen


11. Get arty

Bring out the pens, paper, scissors, glitter & whatever else you can find, & get creative


12. Read a good book, or 20

Pile up the pillows, grab a pile of books & read to your babies to bring calm to the chaos


13. Connect

Visit a friend, ring your mum, join a club, take up a new hobby, join a parent group or volunteer


14. Get back to nature

Walk through the forest, along the beach, by the river, up a hill & down the other side