Sensor Briefs for Rodger Bedwetting Alarm

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Spare sensor briefs for Rodger Bedwetting Alarm...

Each Rodger Bedwetting Alarm system is purchased with 2, 3 or 4 sets of briefs. Additional briefs are useful in case your child wets multiple times a night, or you don't do laundry every day. ONE PAIR per pack.

Pants Size & Colour Guide:

5-7 year old (22-23" waist) Code:128
8-10 year old (23-26" waist) Code:140
11-12 year old (26-27" waist) Code:152
13+ (young adult) (27-29" waist) Code:164
Adult Medium (32"-34") Code:188
Adult Large (36"-38") Code:212

Care Instructions:

Wash prior to use.

Remove transmitter prior to washing!

Hand or machine wash. Cold wash only.

DO NOT wring the briefs, as this will damage the sensing mechanism.

Hang to dry or use low temperature setting on dryer.


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Rodger briefs have a 3 month warranty from the date of purchase.

Due to the nature of this product, we are unable to offer returns, exchanges or refunds.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

This system is genius and we are so thankful a friend told us to get it. our boys was not wetting after 10 days, then only 1 more accident and now no wetting again. the alarm and pants are very good quality and the pants washed well and very comfy. thnak you rodger alarm

Only 3 month warranty

One of these briefs started malfunctioning in less than a year. It would trigger the alarm even though the briefs are dry. I asked for a replacement but was told the warranty is only 3 months. I would recommend to try another brand's alarm and briefs since these can malfunction early and they are not cheap.

Hi Lym, I see your briefs malfunctioned after 11 months of use. When the briefs are used and washed daily they will wear out after months of use and they do need to be replaced. Our manufacturer offers us a 3 month warranty on the briefs and if the briefs are washed and dried as per the instructions provided they do last a significant amount of time, usually well long enough to solve the bedwetting. Take care - Jane

Slow start but hopeful

We bought the Rodger wireless alarm system in Jan 2021 with high hopes that we would be helping our 5yr old son stop wetting the bed overnight. We ordered the alarm system and 3 pairs of undies to start with. On the night we went to start we found that 2/3 of the pairs of undies kept tripping the alarm (were faulty) and the alarm just kept going off. This traumatised my little one. One pair was replaced instantly but I was asked to test the second pair as it’s unusual to have 2 pairs. I took awhile to do so and missed out on the replacement which delayed the start even further. With 2/4 pairs working, we bribed our son into starting again and are currently into 10 days of no more night nappies. It’s a journey for sure and we will have to pay more money to replace the faulty pair as the third pair will enable us to stop washing the second pair overnight. Even after a slow start, we are still hopeful this will work. I would suggest getting some bed wetting sheets to assist in this process also.