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Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm

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Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm

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Our BEST SELLING bedwetting alarm…

The European-designed Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm System is a simple, effective solution to your child’s bedwetting problem.

This alarm is the latest technology designed to solve bedwetting problems. The reason this alarm works so effectively is that the moisture is detected and the alarm sounded immediately, so that your child’s brain learns the sensation to awaken when urinating. Eventually they will learn the sensation of a full bladder and wake prior to wetting.

This is a very simple alarm to set up and use. Your child will find it easy to wear because the underwear fits just like normal underwear. But with a very special difference – the invisible threads sewn into the underpants connect to two snaps near the waistband. At bedtime, your child attaches a small transmitter to the snaps on the underpants.

When your child wets a few drops, the Rodger alarm receiver sounds with one of 8 different tones, alerting you and your child that wetting has occurred.

Each Rodger Bedwetting Alarm system contains sensor underpants (choice of 2,3 or 4 pairs), one transmitter, and one 8 tone variable volume alarm receiver.

The small waterproof transmitter snaps to the waistband, and is powered by one A23 size battery. The alarm receiver plugs into a convenient wall outlet in your child’s bedroom, OR it can take two AA batteries – the alarm will not work if it is plugged and using batteries at the same time.

Once the bed wetting alarm sounds, it will continue until you press a reset button on the front of the receiver. This helps ensure that your child actually gets up when the alarm sounds.

The child can then go to the bathroom, and parents can check on their progress. After toileting, replace the underwear with a clean pair and reattach the transmitter. It’s that simple!


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Shipping times: Approx 3 working days to main centres using TOLL Couriers.


Our wireless bedwetting alarm system includes:

  • Transmitter Receiver (alarm)
  • User Manual
  • Sensor underwear (washable)
  • Progress Chart Stickers
  • On-going telephone or email support



Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarms have a 12 month warranty from date of purchase. Rodger briefs have a 3 month warranty from the date of purchase.

Sizes/Styles/Colours of Sensor Briefs: 

5-7 year old (22-23" waist) Code:128
*Purple for female and blue for male

8-10 year old (23-26" waist) Code:140
*Purple for female and blue for male

11-12 year old (26-27" waist) Code:152
*Purple for female and blue for male

13+ (young adult) (27-29" waist) Code:164
*Purple for female and blue for male

Adult Medium (32"-34") Code:188
*Red pants male/female

Adult Large (36"-38") Code:212
*Blue or red pants male/female

*Note regarding sizes and colours: Please note that colours vary depending on stock levels. Females will be supplied with purple or red pants. Males will be supplied with red or blue pants.

Care Instructions for briefs:

  • Wash prior to use.
  • Remove transmitter prior to washing!
  • Hand or machine wash. Cold wash only.
  • DO NOT wring the briefs, as this will damage the sensing mechanism.
  • Hang to dry or use low temperature setting on dryer.


Reasons people buy this Alarm over others:

  • Your child has to get out of bed to turn the alarm off.
  • It doesn’t matter if they sleep on their front or back.
  • No wires to get tangled.
  • You can adjust the volume and it has 8 different tones.
  • The underpants are high quality and comfortable.
  • A proven wireless alarm that has been curing bedwetting since 2003.
  • Compact and lightweight transmitter snaps to special moisture sensing briefs, so NO hassle with disposable pads or trying to secure the sensor to children’s underwear.



With a child who was wetting heavily and repeatedly at nights, it was astonishing how effective the alarm was at training him to wake and take himself to the bathroom during the night. After only two weeks, he was completely dry every night. Thank you! - Clare

Please share my feedback. Results: week 1, one dry night. Week 2, 3 dry nights. Week 3, 6 dry nights. He dealt with the alarm, changing pants, resetting alarm all by himself. Imagine his pride each morning, ”I was dry again, mum!” It will also have saved us a fortune in pullups. I am amazed! - Sandy

Loved it and would recommend it to others. I know he was ready but I had tried many things over the last 2 years to get him dry and I just couldn’t get him there. Was so happy it only took a week and we will keep wearing it until he has been dry for a few weeks. Thank you! - Annie

I urge anyone with a bedwetting child to consider the Rodger system, and may you experience the joy and relief of the cessation of bedwetting as we have. - Happy parent

We were totally frustrated and willing to try anything. A friend put me onto this alarm. I wish I'd found it sooner. Worked brilliantly. Money very well spent. - Carrie