Bedwetting & Toilet Training Resources

Choosing the right Bedwetting Alarm

A recent study saw 66% improvement in children who used a bedwetting alarm for 2 weeks, verses only 4% for those who used nothing at all. Research into the bedwetting alarms shows an 80% success rate in committed children (and their caregivers). How does a bedwetting alarm work? Different alarms work in slightly differ... read more

10 tips to combat bedwetting…

Bedwetting can be hugely challenging, both for parents and their bedwetting child. The daily workload of washing sheets and pyjamas, the efforts to keep bedding and mattresses free from urine and not to forget the frustration and often embarrassment caused from wetting the bed night after night. Remember, you are not a... read more


At what age should my child stop wetting the bed?

There is no magic age for determining when bedwetting is a problem. Many refer to 6-7 years of age as when a parent needs to address the problem. After this age often concerns begin to arise. Around 70% of children stop wetting the bed at night by the time they reach 5-6 yrs of age. By around age 7-8 there are around 8... read more 

HELP! My child is still having accidents in the day...

Do you spot your child with a sudden look of panic on their face, one leg on top of the other in a ‘curtsy’ position, holding on for dear life? Chances are they have realised, too late, that they need to ‘go’.

Daytime accidental wetting is much less common than bed-wetting. But about 1 out of 4 children who wet the bed at night also wet during the day. Read more