What is the difference between HEALTHCARE and PERSONAL Buzzy?

Buzzy Healthcare Buzzy Personal
Suitable for: Multi-patient use in hospitals, doctors, vaccination clinics, dentists, beauty therapy clinics or any medical setting. Single patient/family use at home or in a medical facility. 
Infection Control: Designed for multi-patient use. Buzzy and ice-wings can be fully sanitized between patients. Made from medical-grade plastic and can withstand medical grade cleaners. Personal Buzzy can also be sanitized but is not designed for multi-patient use.
Ice-wings: 4 multi-patient ice-wings included. 2 single-user ice-wings included.
Comfort Strap: Comfort strap included. Comfort strap not included. Personal Buzzy is designed to be handheld in place.
Vibration Settings: To customise pain relief Buzzy Healthcare has two vibration settings: constant or intermittent vibration. One vibration setting.
Size: 7.5cm x 5cm 7.5cm x 5cm
Warranty: 12 months 6 months