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Moose Noose Toddler Safety Harness

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Best-Selling Toddler Safety Harness

Keep your little adventurer safe and secure, right by your side with the New Zealand designed MooseNoose Toddler Safety Harness. This 'cut-proof' version has the added security of a steel inner core running through the thick plastic coil. 

Use the MooseNoose in a busy street, carpark, shopping mall or airport. Perfect for travelling with little ones; a great help with twins or when you have a toddler and a baby.



Unique Features:

  • Safe Freedom: your toddler has freedom of movement and exploration yet they are safely secured right next to your side.
  • Doubly Safe: with a uniquely-designed 'double-velcro' system, the MooseNoose can only be taken off the toddler's wrist using two hands, so your little one really is safe & secure.
  • 1-metre Stretch: with a coil stretch of around 1 metre, the MooseNoose allows your busy toddler to walk next to you but without being able to run in front of a car or into a busy street.
  • Comfort & Quality: using only the very best neoprene fabric, double-stitching and thick, strong 'cut-proof' coil, the MooseNoose provides the ultimate in cool comfort and quality.
  • No Tangle Design: Our unique 360 degree spinning connector ensures no tangles or twists.
  • Cut-Proof Design: designed for peace-of-mind, the cut-proof MooseNoose has a strong steel inner core threaded through the thick plastic coil.

When can we use our MooseNoose?

  • In a busy street, market, shopping mall or car parking building.
  • In a shopping centre or building with escalators.
  • Travelling overseas and domestically using airports, train stations, bus or underground transport services.
  • At theme parks, shows, festivals, concerts or other large gatherings.
  • With groups of children - preschool, kindergarten, school or special needs groups.
  • When you have a toddler and a baby in the pushchair.



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    I used one of these for my 2 year olds trip to South Africa (from NZ). We practiced before we left and Miss 2 loved wearing her matching 'bracelet' that Mummy was wearing too. So easy to get her to wear it when we were in the airport and huge malls in SA. No tanty's at all. Very easy to pack too. - Lisa

    My 3 year old runs off without warning and I was so pleased I had this safety harness. He was happy to wear it, I didn't have to worry about him running off and we got through check-in and customs and onto the plane without any dramas. I have used it over and over since at the mall and markets. Great product! - Julie

    Works just as we want it to. My little escape artist can't run away from us now and I don't have to worry we'll lose him (or worse). He loves wearing it. - Kelly

    Used it when we traveled overseas last Christmas. Fantastic idea. Oscar took to it straight away. Airport, customs etc was much less stressful. - Annabel

    I use one with my 3 year old when I travel back to China. I don't have to worry about him when he is wearing it. - Jia


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